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Leites and McCrory are gone again. Just a very strange turn of affairs on this one. I’m assuming both will turn up in Strikeforce before long, which in the case of Leites may amount to industrial sabotage from Zuffa.


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There’s reports floating about that Tamdan McCreepy and Tallest Ladies have both had their releases rescinded and will be remaining with UFC. Hopefully it’s true, and if it is both of those guys ought to send Scott Coker a nice fruit basket or something since it’s starting to get really obvious that UFC is signing anyone who’s ever walked past a gym in an effort to starve Strikeforce of talent. Here’s an idea: why not have them fight each other next time out, loser-leaves-town style? McCrory clearly needs to be a middleweight and Leites clearly needs someone who’s actually going to fight him, preferably on the ground. It would probably be a skilled grappling battle with bits of sloppy-but-fun standup mixed in, and there’s certainly less interesting things happening on a lot of undercards.

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Catch A Falling Star

Tallest Ladies released.

Lord do I hate being put in a position to defend this fucking guy, but he doesn’t deserve this. Sakara did NOTHING in their fight to a near-Kalib Starnes degree and was openly backpedaling and running at times, and over 3 rounds Leites did more damage, controlled more of the fight, and pushed the action far more. He deserved the decision, but even having been jobbed on that he doesn’t deserve to be released given that the Godawfulness of his last fight really wasn’t his fault. All I can assume is that this is basically a partial holdover from his previous terrible outing, and him losing a second straight fight on an untelevised undercard provides a quiet opportunity to be rid of him.

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