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Mouth Almighty

Great Achievements In The Field of Trash Talk

The awards go to:

Anderson Silva for “you’d be like Angelina Jolie

And Vai Cavallo for “Gummy Berry Juice“, in the Euphemisms Division.

On a side note, the picture of Andy in his article is fantastic- he looks like an art historian or a professor of comparative literature. That article is also a fine example of why I say anyone who takes a promoter’s words at face value is a fool, because it’s fairly obviously the end point of a failed effort by Wanderlei (and possibly Anderson as well) to put hype and steam behind a potential show down between them, a fight which couldn’t be justified on competitive grounds but could have drawn money as a putative grudge match. With Wanderlei’s face healing and Anderson being pushed in a different direction by UFC, the fight’s off the table and everyone can go back to being friends in public. It’s part of how the game is played.


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