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That’s what I have to have read by Monday, give or take. When does formal Law School start? Monday. Could be another slow week here, unless I go completely bugnuts and start writing about the evolution of warrenty liability in the 19th century.


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PED Excuses

Yeah, this sounds legit alright. Yep.

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One quick thing…

…I am still in Manila and don’t have a ton of time to write anything substantial. But, while I would love to join the pile-on with regards to the utter wank served up by Howard Webb in refereeing the final, I instead wanted to thank Diego Forlan and Thomas Mueller for largely saving this fairly wretched tournament.

While nothing will top Landon Donovan’s winner against Algeria from a purely partisan perspective, Forlan and Mueller were (along with Mesut Ozil and a precious few others) the only guys to display any kind of attacking sharpness during the World Cup. Whereas the glitterati were whining about the Jabulani and skying it over the bar with wearying regularity, Forlan was bending it to his will and Mueller exemplified the kind of deadly finishing at the end of great team moves that is a beauty of another kind.

Even between the two though, Forlan was a class apart. For a guy who gets so much stick for one bad season with Manchester United (as if that were the only benchmark of being a world-class player…I love the English Premier League’s product on the field while retaining the right to hate everything else about it, barring the camaraderie I share with my Arsenal peeps), he came up with magic time and time again. For me, the goal of the tournament was his bounced volley finish over Hans-Jorg Butt in the 3rd place game.  There may have been flashier goals and Gio van Bronckhorst’s was a laser beam…but at the end of the day, van Bronckhorst’s was a hit-and-hope…Forlan’s goal was skill of the highest caliber.

It’s a shame that Forlan is 31 and playing for a side that I don’t think is even in the Champions League – at present, he is a man who deserves to be playing in the highest caliber of showcase, and frankly nothing at the international level fits the bill.

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There was a guy named MAGNUM ROLLE in this draft? Wow. That’s… wow.

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What the FUCK is happening at Wimbledon? Is this as utterly insane as it reads?

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Fun Fact

With the NBA Finals and World Cup finals going on simultaneously, it bears notice that only three countries have supplied players for both events: The USA, Spain, and… little Slovenia, population 2 million. Pretty darn impressive.

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I don’t even know what to say about Kenny Dalglish potentially returning to Liverpool. Or, I suppose, where to start. The fact that this has even reached a stage where Dalglish feels comfortable announcing this means that either the owners of the club think it’s a good idea, or else he’s gone completely rogue and is trying to leverage his name and fame into public support for his reclaiming a dream job he wishes he’d never quit. Neither should fill supporters with much faith in the future of the club, as it means either the people in charge are out of their minds or else they’ve lost control over key employees. Dalglish hasn’t managed since 2000 and arguably failed in his last two appointments, being fired after two seasons at Newcastle and one at Celtic; whatever success he had took place in a different league, a different time. His name means nothing to non-English players of the current generation, and Liverpool are hardly in a position now to out-big major rivals for the English stars to whom Dalglish’s name and reputation might make a difference- especially without Champions League football this year. He blatantly adds nothing at all.

Dalglish represents a dead and buried football of the past, and if Liverpool appoint him they’re going to finish hilariously 10th. Bet on it. No one mistake can damage a legendary club too badly; but there’s been a succession of quizzical moves, embarrassing publicity and bad results at the Kop in recent years which collectively have a real danger of permanently damaging the club’s reputation. They’re just this side of second-rate, whatever they were when Kenny wore boots instead of suits.

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The Associated Press Has Jokes

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says he has talked to Tate, and agrees that maple bars can be irresistible

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Kentucky Derby

Here’s a link to a reggae legend performing a song about the immense pleasures of betting on horse racing with your friends. Best I got:

I will say that I applaud any sport in which:

1. It is assumed that most spectators will be blasted.

2. A drink of choice is suggested.

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Showtime boxing + HBO boxing + Aldo vs. Faber + Bellator + Doctor Who = too damn much to DVR this weekend.

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