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WEC Quick Picks

– Give me Cruz over Benavidez on top. I don’t count Benavidez out at all, but Cruz has such an awkward striking style that he’s hard to deal with hand to hand AND hard to shoot on, and that combined with his major height and reach advantages should allow him to force a repeat of their first fight. Caveat: Cruz’s style requires a ton of movement and a ton of energy, and he’s not a banger or a finisher the way Benavidez is; if it turns out that Cruz can’t go 5 rounds at his best pace then Benavidez- who can be a brutal finisher- may have a chance to get a hold of a tired man late and tear him up. Something to keep an eye on.

– I love Roller vs. Pettis; it’s just a great matchup and could be a strong fight. Roller to me proved against Anthony Njokuani that he’s got the brain for his game: he’s a ground fighter, he knows it, and he’s not going to fuck around doing bad kickboxing anymore against guys who can take his head off. I expect him to go out there, throw a few feints, take Pettis down and control him, probably for all three rounds but with a chance of getting Pettis to give up his back for a tap in the first two.

– Cub Swanson A/K/A Jeep Swenson isn’t really very good, and his fight with Chad Mendes is basically a showcase for the next loathsome, neckless mutant from the Urijah Faber camp. Mendes guillotine 1.

-I’ll take Scott Jorgensen over Brad Pickett. He’s stronger, maybe a bit bigger, a better wrestler and a more fluid striker. There’s no major stylistic clash or technical breakdown really, Jorgensen is likely to just be that little bit better in most areas. Decision, though Jorgensen has that brutal GNP which might end it late.


August 18, 2010 - Posted by | MMA

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