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Walsh was not part of putting Isiah’s contract together, confirming for the last three dullards in the area who didn’t realize this that this move was all about going behind Walsh’s (and by extension, Stern’s) back and undercutting them. People are speculating now about whether or not Thomas is going to be reinstalled as GM; what they don’t realize is that that’s entirely beside the point: Thomas has Dolan’s ear and always has had it, and Dolan has now reached the point where he’s willing to humiliate his team president publicly by going behind his back to place Thomas into a position of influence unbeholden to Walsh. He’s reclaiming direct control of the team. If you’re on the outside as a player, agent, GM, executive etc. looking to deal with the Knicks, who do you call first? Thomas, who you believe can deliver the owner’s OK and has a record of being incompetently generous in trades and contract offers, or Walsh who has a reputation for competence but does not seem to have the owner’s confidence? The title each man carries is irrelevant; Thomas and Dolan will do on their own whatever they wish and leave the rest, the parts they’re too lazy or disinterested to bother with, to Walsh or whomever replaces him in a year.

What people who follow this team don’t get is that this is what matters. Signing Roger Mason or trading for Anthony Randolph, yeah, great, whatever; they’re spare parts and trade chips, potentially useful assets for achieving a plan, no more. The dance between Dolan, Thomas, Walsh and David Stern directly affects whether or not the Knicks are even capable of putting together a plan in the first place. Competent direction from upper executives is the sine qua non of success in almost every facet of major corporate activity, including professional athletics. If the Knicks are going back to being an incompetent shitstorm at the decision-making level they’re doomed, regardless of how many penny-ante trade wins they get dealing with the Golden State Warriors. it boggles my mind that after a decade of idiocy at the top, so many fans still don’t understand this.


August 7, 2010 - Posted by | The NY Knicks

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