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Knicks Bring Back Isiah Thomas

No, really.

What can you say? This is why the Knicks are Clippers East, because they have the worst owner in the entire league. Thomas has been behind the scenes causing trouble since he was semi-forced out by David Stern’s heavy hand, and now he’s starting to weasel his way back in to the point where Dolan is even willing to take the PR hit required to name him in an official capacity. He still has Dolan’s ear, still undermines D’Antoni and Walsh, still isn’t accountable for his prior actions, still has influence on the team despite being one of the worst major executives in the history of team sports. Various water-carriers in the Knicks blogosphere are trying to dress this up as reflecting Thomas’ “behind the scenes pull” in the NBA world. This is easily dismissible: if Thomas had to much pull, why couldn’t he ever use it to develop a winning team or to get himself a GM job which he plainly still wants after the Knicks dumped him? And the answer is because he has no pull, because even in a league where the same incompetents get recycled over and over Thomas was so far beyond the pale that even most NBA executives and owners knew how much of a disaster he was.

Just not Jim Dolan. And the why is the same why that kept Isiah in office for years on end, which kept Scott Layden for years, which keeps Glen Sather, which continues to result in a shitty, badly-run MSG organization ridden by cronyism and out-of-control behavior from people old enough to know better: Dolan views loyalty as the only virtue. Not competence, not decency, not excellence, not reliability, not dependability. He will stubbornly stick to a preconceived plan from a chosen confidant whether or not that plan has any hope of success, like an Arsene Wenger without any of the track record of actual production. It’s been speculated that this has psychological roots in his relationship with his father or his publicized battle with alcohol; personally, I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m sick of having to analyze the local basketball team through the prism of one man’s psychological undergrowth. I’m tired of watching the Knicks used as one man’s creepy public therapy tool.

Frankly, I’m just tired of the Knicks. I’m tired of the Rangers. I’m tired of MSG. And until this changes, I’m really tired of spending dollar one on anything coming out of that building. Back during Isiah’s run I boycotted the team, refusing to attend games until he was removed; well, he’s back, and so is the boycott. If you care at all about the Knicks or the Rangers, you’ll join me. The only difference this time around is that before I was angry; now, well… how long can you keep really caring about a team which doesn’t? So long as Jim Dolan owns and runs the Knicks and Rangers they will continue to be as much of a joke as he is, and I have better things to do with my time than pay attention to this mess. When those teams try again, I’ll be back.


August 6, 2010 - Posted by | The NY Knicks

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