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Through the magic of an arcane statistical ritual, John Hollinger projects the Miami Heat’s win total and comes up with…. 68 wins next season. You know, NEXT season, before they get the chance to really gel with increased time together and add more talent through the draft, midlevel exception, etc. in future years. People still do not quite understand how good this team is going to be- they probably have a better chance of going undefeated in the next 5 years than they do of not winning a title in each year. The NBA is no longer really a competitive league; it’s closer to Scottish football, where there’s Celtic, Rangers, and the useless teams they beat up on to fill out the schedule. It’s Heat—>Lakers——————————>Other.


July 22, 2010 - Posted by | Other NBA


  1. The Heat are going to be really good, but I don’t think they can take the Lakers in a seven game series.

    I know people want to compare the Heat to the old Bulls teams because they are similar in the way they are built, but the Bulls had Horace Grant and Dennis Rodman. Sorry to say this, but Chris Bosh can’t hold a candle to either of those guys on the defensive end.

    The Lakers are the team to beat. Who on Miami guards Gasol? Bosh? Gasol has owned him. Who guards Bynum? Who guards Odom? The Lakers can throw Artest and Kobe at Bron and Wade, but the Heat have no answer for the Lakers bigs. They have no answer for Dwight Howard, and don’t even have an answer for Kevin Garnet, who also has a history of owning Bosh. Grant and Rodman were elite defenders, the Heat have don’t have that.

    Also it should be noted that the Heat traded away 4 of their 6 1st round picks over the next 5 years in the sign and trades with Cleveland and Toronto.

    I’m not saying the Heat won’t be great. They should be, but let’s not crown them yet. They still have some work to do.

    Comment by snooge | July 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. What about Hearts?! (j/k)

    Comment by Tony M | July 22, 2010 | Reply

  3. I’m honestly thinking that the Heat have the kind of perimeter talent which is so awesome that they aren’t really going to have to guard Gasol/Howard/et al. all that much. With Gasol you just ask Bosh to slow him, with Howard you collapse, foul him or else make him kick it out and use athleticism to recover, and the rest of the time they just out-score everyone. LeBron is also an underrated defender who may put more effort out on that end now that he’s a #2 option on offense. He has the physical tools to guard 4 positions when he’s trying, and both he and Wade are going to generate a LOT of turnovers on defense.

    Part of what make the Heat so scary is that so many of the other great teams these days are aging. Kobe’s visibly slowing, the Celtics were mediocre all year until they found a late kick and are all in their mid-30’s bar Rondo, the Suns have fallen apart, the Spurs are old at the core, the Mavs are ancient… the Lakers are really the only team I could see beating Miami heads-up, and I would not favor them right now, and from here on out it’s only going to be favor the younger Heat.

    Basically, I wish I agreed with you 🙂

    Comment by theshipbesinking | July 22, 2010 | Reply

  4. Damn it Brendan! You’ve made me do research. Now that I’ve done this research I’m going to have to put in a post at the Celtics blog I just started writing for and I don’t have time to write it today.

    You’ll get the basics now though. Over the last 20 years in the NBA, No team has won a NBA title without a really great low post defender.

    80% of the time in those 20 years teams had at least two great post defenders.

    The reason I think this important is that the Heat have no one on the team that I would be considered an elite or great low post defender at this point. Udonis Haslem had one great year and one great playoffs, but it’s been 5 years since then. Zydrunas Ilgauskas was a great low post defender in 1997 and 2006, but that’s it for him. No one else on the team has ever been an elite guy or great guy. Bosh has never been elite and is coming off his worst defensive season, thought that might have been a motivational thing. Still, Bosh hasn’t had a great defensive year since 2006.

    This season is the biggest test for LeBron and Wade. They are both elite defenders so maybe they can bring everyone else up with them, like KG did with Boston. The thing is KG was elite and defended the rim mading it easy for everyone else to cheat. Once someone gets by LeBron or Wade who’s there to stop them? Bosh needs to commit fully to defense in a way he has never done before for this to work. Maybe you think Bosh will step it up, but I’m not sold on him at all. Now if the Heat had Boozer instead of Bosh that would make me buy in a lot quicker. For now, they have to show me.

    Comment by snooge | July 23, 2010 | Reply

    • There’s also that bit about the Heat’s #2 player being a choke artist and having no heart.

      A ton of wins don’t mean shit when you can’t deliver in the playoffs. LeBron knows that better than anyone.

      Comment by DrHogie | July 24, 2010 | Reply

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