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It would have been nice if it could have worked out since he seemed to have real talent, but the bottom line for the Nets right now has to be to drag the entire team and club’s culture out of the muck and mire which was the pre-Prokhorov sections of last season. CDR by most accounts was not on the right side of that line attitudinally, and he’s not talented enough to get away with that. With luck, being traded for a second round pick to be used somewhere over the horizon will tell him that. He should slot in as one of the top backups to Redd and Maggette on the wings out there, although I don’t know how much burn there’ll be for him until/unless Redd gets traded or his knee packs up again.

Main point for the Nets here is that is solidifies the team likely using the 27 and 31 picks to go for wing players on Thursday, probably regardless of whether it’s Favors or Johnson at #3. They’ve been linked with some of the late first round shooting specialists of late on mock drafts, which seems just about right.

And for the record, I am strongly in favor of either Favors or Cousins over Johnson.


June 23, 2010 - Posted by | The Nets

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