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Things Learned In Boxing Tonight

1. Andre Ward is an absolute beastlord. That’s the third “name” fighter he’s fought in his career and the third he’s dominated. His style tonight was completely different from the one he showed vs. Mikkel Kessler and shows an intelligent boxing mind and team at work as well as the possession of a heretofore unknown collection of highly-developed infighting skills and surprising physical strength. His chin seems to be improving with his confidence, he’s showing a great ability to think on his feet and take what’s available, and if he can use this style on other opponents it may not win him too many fans but it will win him just about every possible fight out there for him. This was the first time he looked to me like a potential #1 pound-for-pound fighter. Maybe he gets there, maybe he doesn’t, but in a sport starved for the narrative of a potential breakthrough star on the rise he’s a Godsend.

2. Can we be done with Allan Green now? This is the second time in his career he’s failed to show up for the biggest fight he’s ever had and the second time he’s made a million excuses afterward. The only difference between this and the Miranda fight was that he got beaten even worse tonight and this time he’d spent months on end talking shit about Ward only to fold in the first three rounds and go into survival mode when confronted with the man himself. Green has at this point proven himself to be below the world class level, he’s 30, he’s not going to get any better, he often produces bad fights and he makes everyone associated with him look bad through his clownish behavior- the excuses, the lip war, the faked injuries, the management and promotional issues, the not showing up for fights, and on and on and on. It boggles my mind that we’re still stuck with him for one more fight now.

Still, the evening and last word should belong to Andre Ward. The kid is just on the verge of being something special, and if this tournament holds together long enough for a finish and he wins it… we could really have something here.


June 20, 2010 - Posted by | Boxing

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