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Say this for Strikeforce: as confusing as some of their promotional calls can be, they do have the capacity to periodically turn out shows like tonight’s which looked iffy on paper and ended up amazing in the cage. What a great night of fights. Thoughts:

-They have the chance with proper promotion to build a legitimate minor star in Tim Kennedy (Kennedy) given his backstory and clear ability in the cage; I’d have more confidence in them if there didn’t have a promotional dictum against personality profile features and had someone other than Evil Clown Mauro Renallo trying to get guys over, but whatever- the only question is just how bright Kennedy’s future is.

– Speaking of, that was my only complaint about the show- Renallo. He must be done away with; he makes everything he’s associated with worse. He’s the human vuvuzela, a cheap and ugly droning disgrace to broadcasting. Hire Jim Ross for God’s sake, he won’t have any credibility either but at least he knows what the hell he’s doing.

– Marius Zaromskis needs to go back to the drawing board after two straight KO losses, and that is not exactly a blow struck in favor of the rapidly fading reputation of Japanese MMA given when his career issues began. I don’t want to use the word “exposed” since it’s way too pejorative, but I think it’s clear that coming to America and fighting giant dudes who cut down has shown off some deficiencies in his game. His power isn’t nearly as scary as it seemed to be, and if he can’t dominate a guy offensively he seems to either get timid and circle/run or else linger too long in front of the opponent after a wild strike and leave an ordinary chin exposed. He just looks tiny at the weight too; and yes he was fighting a sucked-down middleweight tonight, but that’s the point- in America at welterweight, you fight a lot of sucked-down middleweights. Zaromskis vs. KJ Noons would be a great fight though.

– A self-counteraction to my previous posts about judging; or an addendum, if you prefer. MMA judging I believe is simply harder than boxing judging: there’s more things going on, a wider variety of things to judge and balance, the rounds are longer, and everything depends more on interpretation of context; footwork which means one thing in boxing could mean 5 different things in MMA depending on who’s using it, when, etc. All of which is to say, I had no issues with the judging tonight of the two fights that went the distance. In once case I agreed and in one I didn’t, but overall- those were close fights where several rounds in each could legitimately have been scored either way.

– Robbie Lawler really couldawouldashoulda have won that fight. Just too much giving away time and space late on. It worked for him against MAN-HOOF last time out, but it’s a lot harder to one-shot a light heavyweight off of a counter.

– I missed the actual interview, but apparently Babalu completely no-sold his earned title shot and called out Dan Henderson, who’s coming off of a loss. And thus does Strikeforce proceed: great cards, baffling booking, fights which come from nowhere and go to nowhere by the scenic route. Who on earth is Mo going to fight? Maybe Mousasi gets a rematch; unless they want to resurrect Sokoudjou or throw Feijao into the deep end, that’s about all that’s left.

If the TUFinale and whatever else is upcoming this weekend is half as good as this show, it’ll be a fine week of combat sports. Good stuff.



June 17, 2010 - Posted by | MMA

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  1. Seriously, I really enjoyed the show…except Renallo made me want to puncture my ears with a katana sword. He is SO BAD! Why doesn’t anyone at Showtime realize this? Who does he have naked pictures of???!!!!

    Comment by Tony M | June 17, 2010 | Reply

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