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Oh, France

I’d say that today’s humbling at the hands of El Tri would/should/could be a wakeup call for a team which remains the biggest waste of talent in the sport, but they’ve had so many of these games in recent years and it never really seems to take. Laurent Blanc has his hands full when he takes over, because it’s become clear that while Domenech may have been the source of the rot the infection has now spread well beyond him. These guys are just awful; no cohesion, no one seems to know where anyone else is on the pitch, no movement off the ball, no covering of defensive holes, few if any players who look at all like they want to take responsibility for results. You could replace Nicolas Anelka with a life-size cutout and get the same results so far, and if you’re putting money on him coming alive vs. South Africa you’re a braver man than I. Even Frank Ribery is only doing a good job of looking like he’s doing something, which in his case means alternating between ghosting and selfish ball-domination which leads to nothing.

This team needs a rethink from the ground up, and the replacement of as many players as possible. At the risk of straying into cliche, they need to change the culture there- fast.


June 17, 2010 - Posted by | Other Soccer

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