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Yes, ‘orrible ‘orrible Rashad sure did beat Rampage by (among other things) crazy-gluing his back to the cage walls and mat for the better part of 15 minutes, reigniting the insanely stupid debate on MMA blogs about whether high level wrestling is going to kill MMA. Here’s why it’s a stupid debate: the entire thing can be resolved with no new rules, no major changes to the sport, no impassioned debates about the future of Our Sport and whether wrestling is a Real Martial Art*. Here’s how you do it: the Nevada and California commissions circulate an advisory letter to their judges reminding them that it is entirely possible for a fighter to win a round off of their back if they engage in superior grappling and/or striking from what is justly regarded as a neutral or near-neutral position. That’s it, that’s all you have to do- readjust the scoring balance to favor damage and near-finishes over positional control. Assuming your judges aren’t raging incompetents (an admitted leap of faith here) you should start seeing rounds like round 1 of Eric Marriott vs. Joe Warren correctly scored for the guy with two or three near finishes off his back instead of the guy laying on him like a dead fish, and you also won’t have any trouble distinguishing those rounds from the rounds of fights like, say, Rashad vs. Rampage in which the guy on top was largely doing effective damaging work.

Or we could go on whining and in-fighting about this for the next year and pissing on Mark Coleman’s grave for bringing the curse of wrestling into this otherwise pristine sport. Y’know, whatever seems more productive to you guys.

*You really do see this argument, even though wrestling is probably, along with boxing, the single oldest martial art invented by humanity.


May 31, 2010 - Posted by | MMA

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