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Vasquez And Marquez, Back At The Well

I’m not going to write a preview or prediction post for this weekend’s fight for several reasons. Given that this matchup was fight of the year on two previous occasions and was decided by the thinnest of margins, those who want to see this thing A) know exactly what they’re getting and B) know that trying to pick a winner is both incredibly hard and almost beside the point. If you want to bet, Vasquez is probably the more faded of the two; frankly, I think he’s going to be knocked out in rather sad and quick fashion, probably even badly enough that no one wants to see a fifth go at this.

More importantly, I really don’t want to see this fight. A fight like this one, a fight of this caliber, a fight between two men with heart and skill and drive to greatness at the highest level is almost always welcome; but between these two men, at this point in their respective careers- this is the almost. Both guys, Vasquez especially, are done. I understand that for business reasons the fight makes sense and it’s the most money either man can make at this stage, and I don’t begrudge prize fighters for fighting for the largest prizes most of the time. But there are real worries about how much damage these men have already inflicted on each other and how much more they’re going to inflict tomorrow. Vasquez is 32, and spent his time away from the sport having a damaged eye repaired through several surgeries, while Marquez is an ancient-for-this-weight 35. Marquez got the worst of the last two fights between these two, while Vasquez looked utterly shot last time out against a guy who had lost his previous 6 fights (five by KO) all at lower weight classes. Both men have started to look like guys who can’t get out of the way of punches (not that they ever had much luck avoiding each other’s) but still retain their power as most fading fighters do up to the very end. That’s scary recipe. They’re each going to get hit very hard tomorrow, very often, adding to the long list of wars each man has already been in, the high count of shots their brains have absorbed. They say it’s not the years, it’s the mileage; with these men it’s both.

I don’t think this is such a dangerous fight that it’s a moral offense to promote or watch it, but personally I’m still left with a queasy feeling. I wish it weren’t happening, I wish there were a way to get these guys their money without their taking this kind of abuse, I wish boxing had a decent pension plan, I wish human nature were different and the drive to success wasn’t so often linked closely to the inability to walk away when it’s time. Wishing won’t make any of that so however, so I simply hope both men come through this as healthy as possible.


May 21, 2010 - Posted by | Boxing

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  1. I completely agree. But I still think you guys should come over for the fight.

    Comment by Tony M | May 21, 2010 | Reply

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