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The Triumph of Hilarity Over Experience

There’s so many things which could be said about Montreal beating the Penguins last night. You could focus on the USS Hal Gill’s gritty contributions despite injury, or Jaroslav Halak’s umpteenth incredible performance in these playoffs (which have become so routine that they’re not even remarked on much anymore), or the clutch offense of Brian Gionta and Camel Larry, or the complete absence of Evgeni Malkin (who had absolutely nothing to do with this series- he pulled a Semin), or the atrocious game 7 performance of !~Sidney~! and his contribution to heaping a giant amount of pressure on his team in the first 30 seconds, or the complete indiscipline of the Penguins which led to that Sidney penalty, multiple too-many-men-on-the-ice penalties, and whatever the hell Sergei Gonchar thought he was doing for that shorthanded goal; but I choose to focus on this:

The #8 seed in the Eastern conference has defeated the President’s Trophy winner and the defending Stanley Cup champions in successive rounds, winning decisive seventh games on the road, and in the conference finals they’re probably going to face… the #7 seed. That’s just hilarious. There’s no real good reason for this to be happening; it’s ridiculous. It’s beyond unexpected, beyond improbable, it’s the kind of thing which virtually no one would have given even a 1% chance of happening before the playoffs began; and yet here we are, and only a completely terrified Bruins team stands between now and this eventuality. What? You have to have a tiny little heart of stone or work in marketing not to be enjoying this.


May 13, 2010 - Posted by | Montreal Canadiens

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