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I would like to write something substantive myself on the Nets and Knicks right now, but the trouble is that both teams are essentially suspended in mid-move, waiting for the results of processes which they are only peripherally in control of,l if that. The Knicks have bet everything on free agency; given the collapse into rancor and failure of the Hawks they’ll certainly have Joe Johnson if they want to pay him that much, but their greater dreams of LeBron and Bosh are dependent on some convincing still to be done and the Celtics having one more great game in them. All that can be done is waiting, and probably the back-channels contact which exists to skirt tampering rules. The Nets meanwhile have even less control over their own fate, in a basketball sense. On the bright side they’re in full possession- more or less- of the Atlantic Yards site and the new owner is now official; but until the draft lottery is finished and the team knows exactly where int he draft pecking order they’ll be, little can be done. If they end up first overall, the pick will be John Wall and Devin Harris will have to be traded; if the pick is not first overall, things get murkier. Either way, there’s just about nothing the team can do other than make contact with coaching candidates, install new front office people, and make other administrative changes which will help in the future. All necessary, all essential, all having little directly to do with basketball.

At least the players can golf right about now. Waiting sucks.


May 12, 2010 - Posted by | The Nets, The NY Knicks

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