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Why don’t I like ESPN’s Truehoop blog? Stuff like this. There are few things dumber than condemning a group of people of which there are, depending on how you construe the group, at least tens of thousands and probably hundreds of thousands, based on a few frustrated message board posts and tweets. It’s incredibly lazy, and Abbott regularly does stuff just this lazy over and over again and has been for a good long while on ESPN’s dime. Combine that with the unctuous, precious, slightly whiny quality of his prose, and you get a sense of why Abbott is just about the worst possible ambassador for his own view of the game that there is. Compare now with this from John Hollinger, and you find a man derided by some as a pure stats guy and a generalist at that (Hollinger’s PER really is a kitchen-sink stat) doing a specific, detailed scout-style breakdown of LeBron’s bad game which focuses on what actually happened in the basketball game.

Which is going to get the basketball stats movement farther: proving that stats guys can break down games and talk in specifics, or whining that come Cavs fans are being mean and frustrated on twitter?


May 12, 2010 - Posted by | Other NBA

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