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Inter Milan – Barcelona thoughts

OK, look. I unfortunately didn’t see the match, but I have something to get off my chest about the Inter-Barca clash from today, which the Nerrazurri won 3-1. If you look at the Guardian headline, it refers to the “shock win” over the Catalans. For. Fuck’s. Sake.

We all know that Barcelona is unquestionably the best side in the world…they would be favored to one degree or another over any club side in the world, and definitely over any national side in the world. In the Civilization games, sometimes the game moves into the modern era, but there are enclaves of barbarians hanging out there with stone axes and arrows…it’s actually kind of funny as hundreds of these dudes charge at four or five of your lot, who have submachine guns…needless to say, your guys won’t get scratched. For most teams, playing Barcelona is like charging the modern gun-toting warriors with ancient technology.

But, to call this result – IN MILAN – a shock is a grave disservice to the home side. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I generally despise Serie A as a spectacle. As much as we hate the diving and surrounding the ref after a contentious call and sly fouling in the Premier League, those unsavory aspects are increased tenfold in the Italian game. The pace is slow, most of the teams are overrated, and you have the disgusting nature of their Ultras as well (truly, some of the worst fans in the entire sport…as evidenced by the fact that police recovered FUCKING HATCHETS from both sets of supporters in the recent Roma-Lazio derby). However, the Nerrazurri have no shortage of fantastic attacking talent as well. Anyone who saw Maicon’s goal against Juventus over the weekend could not help but be awed at its audacity (it also beat – at worst – the second or third-best goalkeeper in the world depending on where you rank Inter’s own Julio Cesar). Samuel Eto’o – while mercurial at the best of times, is up there among the best target strikers in the world. Wesley Sneijder’s passing and vision from any of the midfield positions speaks for itself.

And, of course, they have Jose Mourinho as the manager. While he has a first-class seat in my hypothetical plummeting cable car to hell, no one can question the man’s ability and tactical nous. For my money, he is far and away the best manager in the game, and I fail to see how anyone can be surprised at the fact that he was able to  lead his charges to a 3-1 win, AT HOME, with a significantly better goalkeeper and defense than his opponents.

Shit, I like Leo Messi. I do, he’s a great player and one of the few where I can’t even be mad at him as he eviscerates my team. But, are we as a collective world-wide fanbase so much on this guy’s johnson that we have to act like Inter 3-1 Barcelona is equivalent to Brazil 0-5 San Marino?


April 20, 2010 - Posted by | Other Soccer

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