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Someone Ask Warren, He Knows

“He broke down a more-talented Victor Ortiz last year and, on Saturday in Las Vegas, he did the same to Victor Cayo before ending the fight with a nasty body shot.”- Golden Boy magazine on Marcos Maidana

“Some have the speed and the right combinations
If you can’t take the punches it don’t mean a thing”- Warren Zevon, “Boom Boom Mancini

This is one of those abuse-of-English/conceptual-failure things which drive me insane when they come from people who talk about the fight game for a living. The ability to take punches and keep coming is every bit as much a physical talent as miraculous hand speed is. You can say Ortiz is more skilled, insofar as “skill” refers to learned technique perfected through repetition, but to argue that he’s more talented when he lost to Maidana through being physically overmatched and outlasted is a pernicious abuse of the language leading to confusion about the underlying reality. Maidana is a very talented boxer, albeit one whose form of talent is not always recognized as such; where he lacks is in the skill department.


March 29, 2010 - Posted by | Boxing

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