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I’m not going to go into depth on the Nets-exec-yelling-at-a-paper-bagged-fan situation, because it’s an unutterably stupid state of affairs in general. Bullet points:

– If you’re old enough to attend a sports game unaccompanied by your parents, you’re old enough to take the fucking bag off your head and behave like an adult.

– Likewise, if you’re old enough and theoretically responsible enough to be the CEO of a major (?) professional sports team, you’re old enough to deal with the fact that some of your dwindling number of customers are bozos. You’re a big boy, you can handle a joke.

– The paper bag over the head thing is childish, but no one can say this is the first time they’ve seen it; that such a hackneyed cliche would create this kind of incident amazes me. I figured it would have come out by today that the fan had said something or gestured something to set this off, but no, just the bag. Does Yormark not get out much, that he thinks this is some sort of unique reason to be angry?

– As an organization, the Nets really can’t afford this crap. This is one of the worst NBA teams ever, potentially one of the worst professional sports teams of all time; they’ve spent the past couple of years running off a huge portion of their Jersey fan base by trying to leave the state and putting out an increasingly loathsome team; so for their CEO to be losing his shit publicly because one of the few people willing to pay to watch this bullhonkey was making his own fun is not going to help the Nets retain or regain any interest or respect as they struggle onwards in Newark for the next few seasons. This club needs every possible bit of good news and dignity it can muster to star the climb out of this hole; it does not need any more public attention for organizational malfeasance. In short, learn to laugh at yourself, Nets, because everyone else is laughing at you already and you may as well be in on the joke. Hell, if I were the Nets I’d be selling personalized paper bags with the Nets logo on them at home games- may as well make a buck off of it and show a sense of humor, no?

Streisand effect. Yes, when you suck as much as the Nets most people who might care know about it already, but why create a ridiculous incident which is only going to draw attention to your awfulness and inability to deal gracefully with the situation?

– A side note about the sports business. Pro sports fandom is inherently irrational; we root for laundry worn by men we’ll mostly never know who live a life we often can’t comprehend, and we do it for various reasons- often, because we feel in some way that they represent us. That irrational loyalty and identification drives a huge amount of the sports industry- it sells tickets to bad teams, personalized replica jerseys , autographed everything, etc. Wearing the bag, while goofy, is still an expression of that irrational identification, albeit in the form of frustration given how Godawful the Nets are these days. I would expect someone in charge of marketing like Yormark to A) recognize this and B) be happy to see it since it indicates that for some fans at least there’s still a reason to identify with the Nets even though the team has seemingly done everything in its power to run them off in recent years. The guy in the bag today is the guy buying a John Wall jersey in 6 months, if we get lucky.

Anyway, as noted this whole situation is unutterably stupid and will be forgotten in a week. What can’t be forgotten is 7-63. If Yormark really wants to stand up for the players he might want to push to get them some help and a real coach for next year, because the only thing that cures situations like this is winning, in the end.


March 23, 2010 - Posted by | The Nets

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