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– Sakara/Irvin was a legitimate KO stoppage, and yet was on its way to being the fugly fight I anticipated before the fluky finish. I have no idea whatsoever what you do with either guy in the future- Sakara is producing bad fights of late and Irvin can barely get in the cage and lost his first fight at 185 after having 205 closed off to him by the Anderson Silva loss.

– Buentello/Kongo was what it was. I like Buentello and if they want to keep him around to face Slice or Toney I have no objections as a fan, but he was brutally overmatched here by a guy who’s basically a journeyman/gatekeeper at 265. Kongo beat a guy he was supposed to the way he was supposed to, the sort of win which gets him back on the right track and proves he’s not washed up, and little more.

– Jon Jones is a wicked man, yah dunno youth.

– In all seriousness, I’ve read a bunch of people trying to discredit his win tonight by saying that Vera “isn’t a top guy”, without any understanding of context. No, Vera isn’t a top guy in the sense of being in the best 10 or 15 guys at 205; but Jones treated him like he wasn’t in that league at all either, blasting him out of there in less than a round and never giving him a chance to do much of anything. A developmental prospect who has a long way to go might have narrowly beaten gatekeeper Vera (which was my expectation); but Jones destroyed Vera the way you would expect an experienced world class light heavyweight to do. That’s immensely impressive, and at the very least it proves that there’s no need to keep Jones at this level of competition any longer as he simply has nothing left to prove or learn. It’s time to throw him in the deep end with a top 5/10 contender at 205, someone like the winner of Nog/Griffin, and see what he has. If he loses, hey, he’s 22 and has a lot to learn and a long time to get back to that level; if he wins…then we have a real phenom on our hands. The best thing to be said about Jones at this point is that every time he’s presented with a new challenge so far in his career he’s outperformed the expectations of all but his most devoted fans.

– For what it’s worth, I think Jones is a narrow favorite over MiniNog at this point and a wide, wide favorite over Forrest.

– JDS is an interesting case. People with questions about him distrust his ground game, and given that 265 is a division with a champion who’s guaranteed to put most fighters on their back early it’s a real question. And yet, I can’t hold it against him that he hasn’t shown much yet for two reasons. First off, unknown is not bad: JDS has great mentors, and is advanced in belt ranking (for whatever that’s worth) under them; he may be fine on the ground and just convinced that he’s better off on his feet for various reasons. If that’s the case it’d be hard to argue against him for his tactical choices given that he’s on a string of 6 consecutive KO wins including all 5 of his UFC fights and if I recall correctly was actually a national kickboxing champion in Brazil. Secondly… Lesnar sure will take everyone down and test their ground work if he desires, but for the rest of the division- who is going to put JDS on his back and make him work from there? The only other top contender who’s shown the ability or desire to do so would be Cain Velasquez, and A) Velasquez and JDS won’t be fighting anytime soon I’d guess unless Zuffa schedules a super-eliminator alongside a Mir/Lesnar fight, and B) Cain at times is totally content to kickbox in any case. Dos Santos at this point has had the option to kickbox in all of his UFC fights and has show heavy hands, good command of distance and timing, an excellent chin, mental strength and great punching accuracy- that’s enough to make him a top 5 265 pound fighter in the UFC already.

More later.


March 22, 2010 - Posted by | MMA

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  1. I agree. I think Toney-Buentello would be a fun, watchable fight.

    Completely agree on Jones. BEAST!

    Comment by Tony M | March 22, 2010 | Reply

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