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In honor of sorts of the news that the Golden State Warriors are up for sale to the next sucker interested in making a competitive go of it, I ask this question: of the Big 4 major North American pro sports leagues (NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL), is there any team which has won a title, yet whose championships are less well remembered than the Warriors’? Technically speaking they’re two time NBA champs, once as the Philadelphia Warriors in the 50’s (back before basketball had been invented for all I know; they may have been boccie champions or something) and once as the GS Warriors in 1975 with a 48-34 record during an NBA era which produced an amazing run of titles for traditional sad-sack outfits. They’ve mostly been a vehicle for comedic suck and the madness of Don Nelson since then, with only 11 seasons over .500 and 2 of 50+ wins in the 35 years since that title- years in which the popularity of the league as a whole increased dramatically, ensuring that the majority of basketball fans have no organic memory of ever seeing the Warriors as even a legitimate contender, let alone a champion. By contrast even an infamously winless team like the Cubs is at least famous for winlessness, defined in part by their relation to their last championship; with the Warriors, people barely recall that they ever had a last championship with which to have a relationship.


March 22, 2010 - Posted by | Other NBA

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