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Ever wonder why I never write game by game posts here for the Knicks or the Nets anymore, even though they’re the teams I care most about these days? Read these comments, it should give part of the reason. At the risk of lapsing wholly into cliche:

EARTH TO DISGRUNTLED KNICKS FANS: NONE OF THIS SHIT MATTERS. Seriously, this entire season is a write off and was understood to be such before a ball was bounced in anger. The stated policy of the team since Donnie Walsh was hired was to clear cap space for 2010 when the entire roster could be rebuilt around big-money free agents. You can argue with that one way or another as to whether it’s the optimal strategy, but nevertheless it WAS and IS the strategy, the first long term planning this team has had in forever, and it has certain implications: the record this year doesn’t matter outside of unlikely Nets-like extremes, because the team is not good enough for the playoffs and they won’t have a first round draft pick anyway; any players signed to one-year or expiring deals (like Darko) have a negligible chance of being part of next year’s team, and their contribution to this year’s team is therefore immaterial; and trying to evaluate the head coach on the basis on what he did or did not do in half a season with players no longer on the team who were in many cases not ever going to be parts of the next serious Knicks team is crazy-go-nuts. Those comments are what happens when you ignore these realities and live and die with each game- you have no ability to plan, or think long term, or see that in order to build a contender there will be short term competitive sacrifices. This is how you end up playing Isiahball and obsessing about the difference between 25 wins and 30 wins, ignoring the fact that either total still makes you a loser in the end.

I’m not saying the team brass deserves blind faith; I am saying they should be judged by some sort of relevant, realistic and consistent criteria. For me, while I’m not sold on Project 2010 entirely, I accept that that’s where the team’s prudential judgment based on the information they have has led them; so accepting that, I think it’s fair to say that if they land LeBosh it’s a success, and I can argue and believe that coming away with Marcus Camby and Joe Johnson is a failure, for previously stated reasons. Likewise, if the team lands LeBosh and Dan Tony falls out with them over some unimportant thing or fails to effectively use their talents, then it’s fair to blame him because he’d be failing at the stated goal of the team braintrust of which he’s a part. But demanding that he be fired before he even gets the chance to work with the team which the club is trying to put together, on the basis of not using Darko friggin’ Milicic enough in a lost season? Intensely dense, stupendously stupid- just kinda dumb. If Knicks fans are going to lose their shit this way for the sake of minutia before phase 1 of a plan comes to fruition they really don’t deserve a competitive team; all that they’re achieving is making the atmosphere inhospitable to any sort of long-range planning, which is Step 1 towards turning the Knicks back into the Rangers.


March 12, 2010 - Posted by | The NY Knicks


  1. “which is Step 1 towards turning the Knicks back into the Rangers.”

    What, a mediocre team who might not make the playoffs?

    Comment by Loathing | March 12, 2010 | Reply

  2. Yes, but FOREVER because the team is run by people with the attention span of fruit flies.

    Comment by theshipbesinking | March 12, 2010 | Reply

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