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No Suspension

Why am I not surprised?

What can you even say at this point? If Campbell’s reasoning is that he can’t punish #2 because he didn’t punish #1, then he’ll find himself not punishing #14, 17, and 183 for the same reasons. A foolish consistency, hobgoblin, small minds, etc. This ruling is an encouragement to every player who deliberately attempts to injure other players: it says, in effect, that if you can make your hit (and what an appropriate word that is) look like one which has snuck past the league before, you’re golden- go ahead and do your worst. Have you ever wondered why hockey players seem to be the only major pro athletes who get brought up on charges semi-regularly for actions taking place during games? It’s because there is no functioning in-game league-based system of discipline and control which anyone respects, and rulings like this are why. And if you’re naive enough to think that today’s possible new rule change (which was obviously announced to coincide with and bury the no-suspension ruling) is going to do a damn bit of good on this issue, keep this in mind: the referees who can’t sort out interference will be the ones making calls on that basis, and the Toronto braintrust which is fine with what Matt Cooke did will be judging suspensions.

Personally, given that Brian Burke was involved, I’m just glad we didn’t get a new 2 minute minor for injured players not getting off the ice fast enough. This league fucking sucks.


March 10, 2010 - Posted by | Other NHL

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