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Lee’s biggest issue is defense, but on the Nets he’d be lining up next to a guy in the top 10 in the league in blocks per game (1.89/7th). That’s not a cure-all by any means, but it is a help. Brook Lopez is a fine scorer, but he’s not a great rebounder (14.2 rebound rate, 71st in the league) where Lee is actually very good (17.7, 21st in the league). On that level they complement each other well. Offensively they may or may not get in each other’s way- the downside is that neither one really has stretch range, but the upside is that Lee can get a lot of his points on screen/role plays with PGs he links well with as well as put backs and cleanups- he’s got a limited ego as a scorer, which is always a plus in a guy who’s destined to be the second best player on a decent team and the third best on a good one. Best of all, Lee is 26, tall, and not hugely reliant on athleticism- he’s a pretty good bet to age well and certainly has enough top-level years left that he can be a part of the next legitimately good Nets team in 3 or 4 years. Obviously the Nets’ choices will be based on opportunity and who’s willing to come to Newark, but they could do a heck of a lot worse than Lee this offseason.

One data note- Lee’s rebound rate is actually the same as current Net Kris Humphries, a player who s very similar to Lee in many respects. The major differences are Lee’s superior TS% and the fact that Humphries is a LOT cheaper. I’d still rather go for Lee in the Nets’ position, but if they can get (insert major free agent here) who they consider superior and thus can only afford the discount version of Lee, they kind of already have it.

Side note- part of the reason I’d be more sanguine about the Nets than the Knicks signing a guy who is, let’s be honest, a tier II or III free agent is that they already HAVE a good young core in a way the Knicks don’t- Brook Lopez is a franchise center and they’ll be able to add a top-4 draft pick this offseason. When you’ve got that kind of high-end talent to begin with free agency is a better bet because you can add the supporting players which are needed and much more readily available on the market instead of vainly trying to sign a top-10-in-the-league type of player to be your core. If the Nets get John Wall then Lee would come to the team as the 3rd best player, which is right where you’d like him to be if your plan is to be a serious contender some day. The Knicks meanwhile have to sign their top 3 all this offseason plus put a rest of the team around them and get it right in one go because they’re not going to have a draft pick of consequence for a good long while. It’s a much, much harder road.


March 9, 2010 - Posted by | The Nets, The NY Knicks

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