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Fuck it, I’m on board with this. Couture has been losing his drawing-card mojo of late- consciously or not people know he’s done at heavyweight, he’s not really looked that great at 205, he’s clearly declined as a fighter and it’s starting to be reflected in the ehhhh buyrates he’s drawn against second-tier drawing card opponents. He’s not getting the next title shot at 205 (that’s Shogun), there’s an extremely good case for him not getting the subsequent shot (that’s the Rampage/Evans winner), so he’s at a loose end and needs something new to charge him up again as a draw- something, hopefully, which isn’t too big a threat given that he’s at a point in his career where losses mean more and he’s already played the dropping-in-weight card. Chuck and Tito in rematches would be obvious calls, but they’re busy; sooo… why not James Toney? It’ll be a freakshow type of event whose selling point is obvious, it’ll draw lots of casual eyeballs and you can book a semi-main for it featuring guys you want to make stars out of (Jon Jones- seriously, Jon Jones), Couture will win keeping him alive, Toney’s loss will be from wrestling so he can play the Kimbo-approved “I’m still learning” card, everybody benefits. In the outside chance that Toney pulls a Ray Mercer, all of a sudden his next fight is even huger and the money he’ll make for it will be enough to ensure he takes the fight unless the Klitschkos call.

The only obvious downside is that if it’s not a catchweight bout it’ll be at 205, and…well…Toney getting down to 205 will be an adventure. Still, they can break that chair when they sit on it. As it stands if you’re not going to do Kimbo vs. Toney this is a fine second idea, and actually one I prefer in some ways: it embraces the inherent freak show quality of James Toney in the octagon.


March 5, 2010 - Posted by | Boxing, MMA


  1. If this fight gets made, I’m actually going to go with Toney by KO. (Even though he will probably get taken down and submitted.) But I haven’t liked the way that Couture has been responding to punches and I think Toney will be able to find the openings to land. I totally want to see this (but, then again, I also bought the Larry Holmes-Butterbean PPV a few years ago).

    Comment by Tony M | March 5, 2010 | Reply

  2. I absolutely give that a real chance to happen. Not nearly enough to pick Toney, but it’s definitely possible and more likely than the ceremonial 5% shot I think any legit pro has. Couture’s chin is not what it was; if he goes to the wrestling from the start he’ll win, but if he tries to play hero and box the boxer to prove a point….

    Comment by theshipbesinking | March 5, 2010 | Reply

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