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True? Dunno. But Joe Johnson is the kind of player who kills teams stone-dead- good enough to get you into the playoffs, never ever in a million years good enough to be the best player on a title winner. Building around him is an admission either that winning is not the first priority, or that you don’t really know what you’re doing. Signing a player like this to be your centerpiece is honestly even worse than a complete bust #1 pick, because whereas a busted #1 really doesn’t sink a team any lower (it just fails to improve it) with a guy like Johnson you’ve sunk a huge portion of your resources into a guy entering his 30’s not known for his defense and who’s never put up a 20 PER. It’s a recipe for mediocrity and bad, undumpable contracts, so from a basketball perspective it’s better to roll the cap space over and wait if he’s the best you can do. Realistically the Knicks will never do that though since they feel it’s a better business decision to build a depressing 45 win team ASAP than to hold out for the pieces needed for a real contender. So it goes. I’m really going to hate this summer, aren’t I?


March 4, 2010 - Posted by | The NY Knicks

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