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Can I just say, I have no idea why this is happening? I’m not complaining at all, it’s a nice fight and I’m happy to see it, but from a promotional standpoint it’s crazy-go-nuts. Aoki is a great fighter, but he means less than nothing in America as a draw- putting him on this card will not draw one extra viewer. He has a certain charisma which may translate and help get him marginally over for future shows, but he’s DREAM property and means much more to them than he ever will to Strikeforce, which means that he’s only going to be available intermittently for Strikeforce based on when DREAM isn’t running and can afford to farm him out. It does Strikeforce no good at all to make this fight: if Melendez wins he beat an unknown guy with no name in America who means nothing to 99% of the audience, if he loses he lost to that guy and thus makes your whole 155 division look second rate. Which it is, but half the point of promotion is to hide weaknesses and accentuate strengths.

It gets weirder still when you realize that for a 2 hour TV block, the card currently features 3 title fights with strong reports of one or more additional fights to be added. At that point you’re looking at the potential for a severe time crunch and overrun, which is not exactly what you’re trying to create when you’re a new network TV property desperately trying to prove that A) you can draw at all and B) you’re not a 1 man show and can draw without Fedor. As it stands, there’s one guy on this card who’s clearly a name and a draw to a degree (Hendo), maaaaaaybe another marginal one in Gegard Mousasi, and the rest is a pack of no-names who’ve had little if any chance to get over, couldn’t get over if they tried in some cases (Jake Shields, the walking loaf of white bread), and in others have been actively hampered by the promotion from doing so (King Mo). This card is going to draw hardcores regardless and for that audience it’s a fine card actually, but for the general or casual viewer is has a real danger of being round after round of boring nameless midgets groping each other on the ground. This is not what is needed.

Basically, Aoki vs. Melendez is a really good fight in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’ll enjoy it, but it’s not right for business and if they yank it or move it to a DREAM show upcoming, I won’t complain.


March 3, 2010 - Posted by | MMA

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