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O Rly? I love the defense that hey, he wasn’t getting on the court for the Grizzlies anyway, so why not exile him to the bus leagues? But it’s not a demotion, you see, because it’s a really nice bus, or something. In fairness I agree with Hollins that there should be less stigma about the D League, but when you draft someone #2 overall to play a position where you already had a player who started 74 games with a 16.74 PER at age 25 the previous season, people are going to expect more out of the guy than no minutes and a D-League stint- it’s implied that the new guy is a potential upgrade, otherwise why draft him when you already have a long-term solution? This is especially true in the era of mandatory college for prospects, where top prospects in the draft (theoretically) comes out a bit more developed than they might have done some years back. Sending that dude down in February is essentially an admission that his rookie year is nearly as much of a write-off as Blake Griffin’s is, and that Thabeet is simply incapable of contributing to a .500 (30-29) team at this point even though he’s already 23- on the older side for a rookie. It may well be the best thing to do for the player over the long term, but the blow-back from the fanbase over it does not come from nowhere.


February 28, 2010 - Posted by | Other NBA

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