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Tony Kornheiser

He deserves to be suspended forever for being Tony Fucking Kornheiser alone, but him being a complete ass for no discernible reason to a co-worker is certainly a viable proximate cause as well. The man is simply a delirious incompetent whose defining characteristic is either an inability or unwillingness to learn about anything new, and any turn of affairs which makes this more evident to the general populace is to my satisfaction. Moreover, if this begins to convince ESPN that after Harold Reynolds and Steve Phillips they need to stop hiring people who treat women like shit, more’s the better. And for the dumbshoes who are defending Kornheiser: when you take the shilling to act as part of the public face of a major publicity-dependent business like ESPN you agree to abide by basic rules of decorum in accordance with the PR needs of the company which pays you, which does include not coming up with sexist bullshit about your co-workers. If Kornheiser can’t handle that he’s free to look for other opportunities, hopefully as a monk or hermit or Chinese dissident or something else which involves him being beaten repeatedly far from a microphone.

Moral of the story: it’s not usually productive to be a man who learned nothing new past the age of 18.


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