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Yes, it’s true, some days I hate just about everything and everyone. But I don’t hate this, and why not? Because it has some of the things good blogging should: factual evidence, a coherent point, a reasonable chain of inference, and an interesting topic. I’ll throw in an additional potential explanation for the trend which Fagan notes: fighters at the UFC level have become more and more well-rounded over the years, which means the percentage of them who have clearly exploitable flaws is declining- and for those who still have some, often they’re not as glaring or as numerous. Once in a while you’ll get early-stage Brock Lesnar (submission awareness), or Melvin Manhoef (ground game), or Paul Daley (wrestling) or Demian Maia (striking) all of whom have one or more clear areas where they can be beaten, but even those examples in those areas aren’t awful (more or less) and as a class they’re less common than all-arounders. It’s easier than ever for fighters to be good enough to survive in any position so long as the talent or skill gap in that area isn’t too glaring, and that will lead to more decisions.

Possible alternate explanation: Jon Fitch joined UFC in late 2005.


February 24, 2010 - Posted by | MMA

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