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OK, OK…so bitching about how Gary Bettman and his army of clowns is going to be the ruination of the NHL someday (already?) is hardly difficult. But, I read this, and it simply amazes me how some jackass face in the crowd such as myself can pick holes in all of their arguments without breaking a sweat. It shouldn’t be that way, either. I read things that Brendan posts on here sometimes and am amazed at his capability of taking something and seeing 6 or 7 moves ahead. I don’t think like that…I can get out to 2 or 3 on a good day. But, I sure can identify horseshit when I see it, and the NHL produces that at a greater rate than even their shitty referees.

I’m off to lunch, but a few bullet points:

1. People will still fucking watch the games, you retards. People have DVRs, and they will avoid results until they get home to watch it. Who the shitting fuck watches commercials, anyway?

2. The more that countries like Switzerland and Germany and Belarus get to play against top-level opposition (read as: NHL players), the better they’re going to get at hockey. The better they get at hockey, the more fans will be created in those countries…fans who will pay to watch hockey. Is it so hard to imagine that the rights fees to NHL games may go further once hockey has made deeper inroads in those countries?

3. If it were me, I would play nice with the Russians. In return, I would play hardball to establish a 3-game series every year between the Stanley Cup champions and the KHL champions. How would this NOT resonate with those precious casual fans you’ve been trying to cultivate since the dawn of time, Bettman?

Then again, why should I question when the current regime’s been doing such a great job already?  *sigh*


February 19, 2010 - Posted by | Other NHL

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