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If you want to know why I have no respect for Arsene Wenger these days, check out this quote found on Arseblog from the boss, regarding Niklas Bendtner:

“He is the best age now for a striker, at 22 you have to start to play at the top level but I would remind you that Thierry Henry arrived here at the age of 23.”

So he’s at the best age for a striker now, but don’t expect too much from him because he’s younger than Henry was? It’s a one-sentence quote which somehow still finds space enough to self-contradict and exists, transparently, to cover the boss’s ass in two directions: to maintain the contention that Bendtner is good enough so buying was unnecessary, but also that Bendtner should be under no pressure or expectation to produce because he’s still too young. It is, simply, a ludicrous and goofy statement which indicates contempt for any audience to which it’s directed given the shabby nature of its construction. I expect football managers to lie; I also expect them to have the class and respect to at least tell mildly plausible lies which evince some basic respect for those at which they’re directed. As it stands I find it impossible to respect someone who so transparently disrespects almost everyone else.


February 17, 2010 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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