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Obviously I’m partial to Nate, but on the purely practical end- is there really much value in a Boston first rounder? If trading Nate could get the Celts to take Jefferies or Curry, sure, but a first rounder in the 20-30 zone is a pretty minor asset especially if it’s supposed to offset the loss of a 2011 and/or 2012 pick which has a very, very good chance of being a lottery selection. Put another way, where I differ from Knicks management and many of the fans, I think, is that I believe that unless Walsh has back-door guarantees from major free agents, the Knicks are probably 1-3 years away from the playoffs and 3-5 away from serious contention, building the team the right way. There’s just no young base to work with in the main, limited talent, we’re already missing this year’s lottery pick and the club has years of accumulated fail-rep to work off before it begins to be seen again as a destination for players. The playoffs are probably only attainable quicker if the rebuild is put on a rushed schedule, which typically leads to the sort of perpetual first round ax-murder victim teams which have a near-zero chance of ever evolving into contenders. I’d rather see the Knicks hold onto their picks, accept short-term suckage, and try to emulate the Thunder and other teams which have put in a serious foundation for long-term success.

The calculation does change somewhat if the McGrady deal is dead and the Knicks are sure they don’t want to hand Robinson a long-term extension after this year; then it can be a reasonable move on its own to flip a departing asset for a long-term benefit. I mostly object to the idea that this deal would act as a meaningful patch for the havoc wrought by the other trade.


February 17, 2010 - Posted by | The NY Knicks

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