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If this rumored husk-of-Tmac-to-the Knicks trade actually goes down, I am going to lose my shit. Just lose it. I HATE this trade. It only makes the barest fraction of sense if the Knicks have ironfuckingclad guarantees from major free agents to sign here; otherwise, it mortgages the next three full years of first round draft picks in order to save a buck and get first dibs on a guy who is D-O-N-E DONE. It’s a defeatist, shitty trade as it stands (bar those guarantees) which once against paints the Knicks into the corner of overpaying for cast-off veteran talent in a vain effort to be good enough to get blasted in the first round, which was everything I hated about the Isiah Knicks in a nutshell. It’s a gutless, witless, brainless, shiftless, hopeless, cynical and disgusting concession to the bullshit made-up idea that “you can’t rebuild in New York” something which looks like it’s true only because the people in charge at the Garden don’t have the balls to even try. I thought better of Donnie Walsh than this, but if he makes this trade- for whatever reason- and doesn’t get at least one of Bosh/Wade/LeBron in the summer, then to my mind he instantly gets filed next to Glen Sather, Isiah Thomas and every other failed GM who’s buried the Manhattan teams underground for the last decade plus. Either he knows something, or he’s out of his mind.

If he wants to trade or give up on Lee, Nate, Gallinari, Jordan Hill or anyone else on the roster for cap space, fine, I don’t care if it’s the right trade; but you do not, do not, do NOT give up multiple first round draft picks to save a few bucks. GMs should have that tattooed on the backs of their fucking hands so they have to stare at it as they pick up the phone. I mean for God’s sake, if you’re structuring deals to get around a league bylaw (the Ted Stepian rule) instituted specifically to stop GMs from doing something well known to be incredibly stupid and self-destructive, isn’t that probably a tip off? A hint? A notion, clue, idea? Oh sorry, it’s the Garden, so they banned those back in the late 90’s after they had to choose between affording to hire smart people and affording to defend the outstanding lawsuits against the goofuses they had already. Which I thought had changed with Donnie Walsh, but….

Bile. Bile I have for that part of the trade. You will notice I have little to say about Tracy McGrady, and that is because there’s really not a lot to say. He’s aging in Jermaine O’Neal years, he’s got a bad back of the kind which never really heals and now bad wheels as well, his games played is on track to decline for three straight seasons, his efficiency figures are roughly as good as Detroit automakers’ are these days, and his athletic indicator stats (rebound %, block %, etc.) are craterizing year on year. He’s got a soft reputation, contributed little on defense even when he could move laterally, and has malingered his way completely out of the picture in Houston. The old T-Mac is gone and he’s not going to return, and while it’s possible this new guy may yet be able to alter his game and make a good secondary run I wouldn’t bet on it- major injuries to multiple crucial parts of the body for a guy entering his 30’s and reliant on his athleticism is often a productivity death sentence. Of course if you expect to get anything out of this trade beyond cap room you have to resign McGrady, which means you are gambling on precisely that. McGrady’s best slot in the league now is as a slot-in extra semi-star or high-powered sixth man- something like what the Celtics tried to do with ‘Sheed this year- for a contender which can cover his flaws and make use of his gifts in a limited role; it is NOT as a building-block core 35-minutes-a-night starter for a team which is years away from contention. In a lot of ways he could not be a worse fit for the Knicks right now.

Again: I hate this trade, if it goes down as this article suggests. If Walsh can bribe Houston with any player on the roster to get rid of Jefferies, fine, but leave the draft picks alone. At least leave Knicks fans with SOMETHING to hope for and not just another beaten-up someone-else’s-problem of a project to worry about. I cannot stress this enough: I will always, always ALWAYS rather go through the kind of season the Nets are having right now if it means a top-4 pick and something to hope for, than I will watch a mediocre team with no ambition strive for 8th place in the conference and probably fail. If Walsh does a version of this trade with first rounders involved, I’ll give him through the summer- much back-channel fuckery goes on with agents, and maybe he has those guarantees. But if next year dawns with the Knicks fielding David Lee and Tracy McGrady as their best two players with no hope of any draft help coming for 3 more years, fuck this- I’m going back to boycotting the team the way I did in the Isiah years. If the team isn’t trying to build a title winner, I ain’t trying to pay $80 to watch them scuffle towards mediocrity.

Side Note: Joe Johnson is not a major free agent. Don’t try that shit, I see you coming in advance.


February 15, 2010 - Posted by | The Nets, The NY Knicks

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