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Don’t Be That Guy

After every major fight in boxing, regardless of the outcome- method, round, winner, makes no difference- That Guy will emerge. Folks, don’t be That Guy. How will you know him? He will say things like this:

“Marc (Potter, WI)

Hi Dan: Hope all is well. Been meaning to ask you: Are there any legit boxing reporters who think Roy took a dive in the Danny Green fight? It’s only my opinion, but it sure looked like a dive. But why?
Dan Rafael
(1:40 PM)

Dude he didn’t take a dive. Anyone who really thinks that is just stupid.”

I’m not going to enumerate how many things are stupid about this, because if I have to for anyone than they are already perilously close to being That Guy; I will simply note that in this case the guy using the dreaded “D” word can’t even think of a possible motive. It’s not a good look Wisconsin; quit huffing Pabst.


February 12, 2010 - Posted by | Boxing

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