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So much for Vitor vs. Andy. All of a sudden the medical report on how bad Chael Sonnen’s cut is become a great deal more important. I will say, if he can be ready for the date they should make that the match- his talking means that the fight is actually starting to peak in interest right now, and 114 is probably a better time for it than 6-8 months down the line. If it’s not him it’ll probably be Demian Maia, and that feels way, way too much like a potential re-run of Silva vs. Thales Leites to me. The one thing I don’t want to see is Andy in another fight at 205: he already makes enough of a fuss over defending his title and there’s no reason for him to be encouraged in avoiding doing so, and moreover any 205 pounder they match him up with is likely to either be a middle-echelon guy or else Randy Couture; and I don’t feel an overwhelming desire to see the legendary Randy get murdered by a middleweight, personally.


February 11, 2010 - Posted by | MMA

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