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They send Herschel Walker to do the press tour for his freak show fight- fair enough. But they send him out to do it in suits, mostly photographed from the head up, like he’s got something to hide. Then the weigh in comes and produces this.

JAYSUS. Physique isn’t the same thing as fighting ability obviously, but it’s going to go a hell of a long way towards getting people to A) take this more seriously and B) remember it and want to watch if they realize that Herschel Walker is maybe the most ridiculously sculpted 47 year old on the planet. For better or worse looking the part means a lot, and if nothing else Walker looks the part to a shockingly high degree.

No preview post for Strikeforce this time, some of these guys I don’t know well enough to get in depth with and I’m still feeling crap as well. Quick Picks:

Diaz over Zaromskis
Cyborg over Coenen
MAN-HOOF over Robbie Lawler
Fuck it, I’ll pick Herschel.
Lashley over the gerbil, although the -1200 odds on Lashley are ridiculous. That’s the line from a Jose Canseco fight, not one between two legitimate pros.
Hieron over Riggs
No picks past there.


January 30, 2010 - Posted by | MMA

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