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Kevin Iole delenda est.

This is a real triumph in the ever-developing field of Just Plain Making Shit Up. For instance:

“there is a large contingent who expects Lashley to be knocking off the best fighters in the world”

O Rly? Who would those people be, precisely? I keep up on the MMA blogs and actually read their comments entirely out of a desire to keep in touch with what the pulse of hardcore fans is, and if Iole were confining himself to saying that those people were frustrated with Lashley he’d be on firm ground. The trouble is, the frustration isn’t that he’s, say, failing to face Fedor or Fabricio Werdum in a month or two; the frustration is that his camp is turning down the likes of Shane Del Rosario. Now I understand why they did that and I don’t personally blame them, but let’s be serious: Del Rosario is not one of the better heavyweights out there right now. Instead, 9 days away from his next fight date Lashley still doesn’t have an opponent confirmed, had his first suggested opponent turned down by the commission for not being a competitive matchup and his second shitcanned by Showtime because one of their execs didn’t want Jimmy Ambriz on their air, and the hot rumor is that he’s going to be facing Wes Sims. You know, the gerbil-looking goofus from the last season of Ultimate Fighter who spent the whole show working his Brutus Beefcake gimmick and getting choked out in the first round by Justin Wren. It’s difficult to see how Lashley is going to develop facing this level of competition, especially when whoever he fights is coming in on such small notice and he himself is getting so little time to train specifics for each fight. All of that is what is bugging people, and it’s largely a legitimate complaint.

And if this wasn’t silly enough, there’s this quote from Blaster in the same article: “If you want to fight the best in the world and Strikeforce has the best heavyweight in the world, wouldn’t it make sense to sign with them?” The case that people are expecting too much out of Lashley may be slightly undermined when he’s using his press exposure on major websites to hype a fight which isn’t happening yet against the best heavyweight in the world. But hey, why let that from stopping you now? It’s more or less par for the course.


January 22, 2010 - Posted by | MMA |

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  1. When will you realize that you will be better off when you stop reading any of his articles?

    I haven’t looked at anything by him in about 2 months. It’s great!

    Kevin Iole is a moron and the sooner he gets laid off by Yahoo for some up and coming kid the better for mma and us who actually read about it.

    The end.

    Comment by Ken | January 22, 2010 | Reply

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