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Things which are wrong with NBA punditry, part 82,498:

Mathew (Sacramento)

Coach, with BJennings shooting percentage dipping below 39% how long before Stephen Curry passes him on your rankings. As far as running a team and winning games who’s future is brighter?
David Thorpe
(12:15 PM)

I liked Curry better than Jennings in June, changed my opinion in July, and now I’m not sure. A lot depends on who they are playing for. But Curry has a chance to be really really good, at least Jennings’ equal.

So your expert opinion is that to appropriately judge rookie point guards, I should come to a series of barely-substantiated snap opinions which change monthly, for a position which has the steepest learning curve in the sport? Thanks, I’ll get right on that when I’m done playing in traffic and juggling chainsaws with my feet.

Incidentally, rankings of any sort which are not the actual standings are the fucking stupidest thing in the world. I understand why ESPN runs them because they generate unreasonable traffic, but I do not understand WHY they do so. Most of them are pitched at this level, the freshly-pulled-from-some-guy’s-hindquarters opinion which is based on nothing more than Hey, It’s Deadline Day and Gee, Team X Most Recently Won A Big Game; Surely They Must Be The Best Team In The League. At least John Hollinger does the legwork to develop rankings which, while equally pointless, are at least based on statistical information; with Thorpe or Stein or any of ESPN’s other suited empties (I exempt Chad Ford here- he’s good), it’s basically just some guy telling you what he thinks that day while freely admitting that he changes his mind more frequently than his underwear. Quick, everybody argue with him! What value is communicated thereby? I swear, sometimes I think articles in list format should be treated as a controlled substance with brain-rotting properties.

EDIT: More winners from this chat….

On Courtney of the Nets: “Lee has proven he can start for a championship contender. That’s their future I think-Devin wants out.”

Ah yes, there’s a good criterion. Hey, remember when the Hornets drove a dump truck full of money up to James Posey’s door after the Celtics’ last title because he was a key contributor on that team? How’d that work out? Incidentally, Lee has an 11.6 PER this year; and if you like his defense, well, the Nets are 27th out of 30 teams in defensive rating, and that despite having a solid defensive anchor in the middle. If Lee is the future I’m gonna need to get to work on that time machine.

How about this winner:

Raj (Sacramento)

Do you think this kings/bulls trade rumor makes any sense. Tyrus Thomas for Nocioni…I guess Chicago still likes Nocioni.
David Thorpe
(12:24 PM)

Perfect sense. Kings need shot blockers, Bulls need shooting.

Yes, what the Bulls need to turn that team around is to shuffle the deck chairs by trading for another tweener wingbig who they already got rid of once, and who was one of the guys who tuned out their coach last time he was in town. This one is particularly egregious because it exemplifies one of the basic misconceptions of NBA roster building: that you can somehow tinker your way to serious contention. With the lone recent exception of the ’04 Pistons, that’s not how you build a titlist; and if building one of those isn’t your intent, why are you in this game? The day the Bulls will matter again is the day they figure this out and FINALLY bite on one of the 7,000 trades for a star they’ve turned down in recent years.

There’s also this great line- “It’s a coaches league, pure and simple.”

“Said the coach” should be immediately inserted as a postscript there, with “until the team sucks, at which point it’s a player’s league and their fault for not listening” following shortly thereafter.

I could go on with this all day. To give Thorpe his credit he does note the under-recognized truth that college is not the best place to develop NBA players (as he rightly notes, that’s not college coaches’ job; they don’t get paid for it or judged on it), but the rest of that… aaaaaaaagh. Thank goodness for advanced stats and the blogosphere.

And yes, I am feeling crotchety today.


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