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There’s No Pain Like Showbusiness Pain

Oh, oh God…Chris Quinn…he, he, he, hehehehehehehehe HAD TO LIVE IN A HOTEL ZOMG. And his wife had to cyber-commute! And he had to pack winter clothes! Oh Jesus and the Saints preserve the ikkle laddie!

Look, I don’t blame Chris Quinn for this post; he’s not whining in the article quotes and he seems like a swell guy. But he also makes a million dollars a year to play basketball. That seems like a hell of a deal from the outside; nothing he actually SAYS in this article suggests it’s any different on the inside, other than that he’s been inconvenienced by having to move. So what the hell’s with the weird, mournful, sanctimonious tone of the piece? And the tone is the point here, because there’s no insight or information actually conveyed other than the pointless mundane details of some random guy’s personal life. The key line is this: “People assume NBA players live in penthouses, helicopters and yachts.”

Oh, do they? And clearly that’s an erroneous assumption about a man who’s made $3 million in 4 years, by the standards of most people. The median household income in New Jersey by the most recent data I could google in 30 seconds (2007 data) is roughly $67,000, or roughly 1/15th of what Chris Quinn is making this year. Leaving aside tax bracket differences and such for the moment, I’m willing to bet that most people look on someone who’s making 15 times their income to be on TV, travel the country on the corporate dollar and work less than year round as living a pretty damn glamorous and well-remunerated lifestyle. No, Chris Quinn isn’t LeBron, but for most people the difference between Quinn and LBJ is a lot smaller than Quinn and themselves. And yet here’s Truehoop to tell you that no, you’ve got it all wrong- you’re doing a disservice to the man, you’re misjudging him. He’s suffered for this, you know. And it’s horrible the way you misjudge him. Won’t you apologize?

I will never understand Henry Abbott’s need to write these pieces. When he’s paying attention to complex and difficult issues like the advantages and limitations of advanced stats or the ways the league has adjusted and changed over the last 10 years or what exactly went on with Tim Donaghy, he’s wonderful and one of the better reads out there; but oh God, these William Saletan-esque personality bits are just intolerable. The best way I can describe it is the unctuous disdain of a man too long removed from average life for the imagined prejudices of the uniform unwashed he believes is out there. Glib, thoughtless, somehow insulting to readers, subject and author all in one go. Blah. It’s the same tone you get whenever Gary Bettman talks about hockey fans, and it goes over just as well.


January 15, 2010 - Posted by | Other NBA, The Nets

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