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Jones vs. Hopkins is back on

Golden Boy are really working without their best stuff of late- the curve ball ain’t curving, the sinker’s rising, the slider’s stuck in place, the fast ball is slow and the forkball is a spoon. This fight was a wacky glorified exhibition when it was first signed and it’s a hell of a lot less now; if anything, it essentially amounts to Roy Jones selling X amount of his brain cells to Bernard for an undisclosed payday, which is a hell of a sad way for one of the most talented fighters in history to end up. Given the ages of the participants and their recent performances this is starting to slip all the way into the category of fights which will be just plain uncomfortable to watch. And it should be noted far in advance that the inevitable result here- Hopkins by manslaughter- says basically nothing about the respective careers of each man, other than that Hopkins was able to maintain a larger fraction of his peak ability later in his career than Jones was. Sadly, there’s also a fairly good chance that this fight indicates that Bernard Hopkins’ career is also for all intents and purposes over- if he intended to be a going concern in boxing there was a Dawson fight, and more realistically an Adamek fight or a Haye fight out there for him. Taking Jones at this point, while it’s certainly likely to be lucrative and you can’t begrudge him that, will eat up a large percentage of the time remaining to Hopkins for the sake of a fight which has no real sporting implications. He’s long since earned the right to do what he wants, but as a fan of his I just wish selfishly that he wanted to do something else.


January 14, 2010 - Posted by | Boxing

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