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America Under Threat: Day 2

Reports are flooding in today of rapid, nation-wide response to yesterday’s horrible terrorist attack on baseball. Can America recover? Will the culprits ever truly be brought to justice, dragged through the streets and beaten like the dogs they are? Will our childrens ever smile again? A nation watches, and waits, and fears what tomorrow may bring.

Seriously, this whole deal is the biggest load of unmitigated bullshit in the world, and represents about 80% of why I rarely if ever watch baseball anymore. The self-righteousness of the media, the treating of a sport as though it’s better than any other- purer, more moral- when it’s among the dirtiest of all worldwide and has been since the Black Sox days, the sanctimony, the complete lack of proportionality in response from fans and media and players alike to this, the willful refusal to understand the role PEDs play in pro sports and the reasons why athletes turn to them, the reduction of a complex issue to a pantomime morality play, the crocodile tears about what it will do to the childrens and America’s pastime, a bafflingly untrue and fictitious designation which somehow has survived the fact that there’s going to be a phalanx of 400 LB neckless goliaths playing next weekend in the more popular NFL, and on, and on, and on. It’s a rotten stew of vile hypocrisy which shames those who participate, whether they know it or not.

Worse still, the whole argument about what a bad, bad, bad boy Mark McGuire was falls apart on both levels at which it’s represented as true. The first is that he somehow harmed other players; yet he’s constantly referred to and often in the same articles as having “ushered in the steroid era.” Is one man now an era? Or could it be that he, like all the other players who balooned in size and put balls into orbit back then were responding rationally to the reality that baseball had no drug testing and little formal drug testing policy, many steroid and other performance enhancing chemicals were legal, and they were strongly incentivised financially to use all available means to become the best players they could? That might almost indicate that the issues was systemic with multiple parties at fault, even you can even describe it as fault…nah, too complex. BURN THE WITCH! The other is that McGuire somehow “harmed the sport.” I’m sorry, is that the sport of the formal color bar, the Black Sox, greenies in the clubhouse, cocaine scandals, Vince Coleman’s firecrackers, loaded balls and nearly as much off-field athlete malfeasance as the NFL? Or is that the sport which is demonstrably and clearly more popular and valuable now as measured by attendance and revenues and franchise valuations than when the steroid era began, the one which has notably failed to have any declines in those figures even as all of the fallout from that era has become public? Precisely what damage did he do again, other than making Jayson Stark cry himself to sleep at night? An utter fuckery, this.

I’ll come back to watching baseball when all of this bullshit dies down. It’s a great game and there’s a lot to love about it; there’s also this crap, of which I have had all of my fill and more.


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