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If the proposed Pacquiao-Clottey card goes through, there is a major injustice and a fraud on the sport of boxing and its fans taking place; but it’s not the main event. That Antonio Margarito is being booked by a reputable big-name promoter is unconscionable: his use of loaded gloves was not only an attempt to win by cheating, it was doing so in a way that ran the risk of doing permanent, grievous harm to the career and potentially the long-term quality of life of every opponent he faced using such methods. It’s a type of cheating vastly worse than steroids or the use of stimulants or foreign substances on gloves, the other usual methods, because of the direct risk of permanent damage it poses to the opponent. If that isn’t enough to get a fighter banned forever from the sport I don’t know what is. To use this man after he’s been caught red-handed cheating in such fashion is disrespectful to every other fighter out there, and has the effect of rewarding him for his cheating- it says, in effect, that the name he made for himself with loaded gloves is enough to keep him in high-profile lucrative bouts even after he’s been found out, and in effect incentivizes every other struggling fighter out there to do the same- the reward will be worth the price they’ll pay if they ever get caught.

If anyone out there in the media wants to write an another-black-eye-for-boxing story, this is the material they really should be looking at using. And if Bob Arum had the least bit of business sense (there’s no point appealing to a moral sense) he’d be staying far away from Margarito right now- when your biggest ticket fighter has been accused of being a cheat for the first time and people are angry at him for not making a huge fight, why fan the flames by putting a known, proved cheat in the featured place on the undercard of your big ticket’s next fight?


January 11, 2010 - Posted by | Boxing

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  1. I’m actually SHOCKED that Arum would bring Margacheato back on such a big card. I thought they would first have him fight in Mexico and then on a Hispanic cable channel in a small show. To bring him back on a card that the mainstream media will be covering is incredibly stupid. There are going to be (and rightfully) a million negative stories written about this.

    It’s also a joke that Margacheato is even allowed back into a ring. But that’s boxing. This sport has a way of making even the hardest of fans hate it.

    Comment by Tony M | January 12, 2010 | Reply

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