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Neologism: Retardistry

When something or someone reaches such a pinnacle of intellectual uselessness that it’s actually artistic in its lack of value. For instance this. There are two notably stupid things here:

1. Complete mis-read of Brock Lesnar. His character is such that by all accounts including that of journalists who have known him for years in all his incarnations, he gets off on physically dominating and beating up other men. That’s why he was an amateur wrestler, the lack of same was part of why he was frustrated in WWE, and was also why there were stories at the time when he was still with them of him and Kurt Angle having impromptu amateur contests before shows. The major reasons he left WWE were the road and the ways it was owning him, and pro wrestling and MMA are complete different in that respect- instead of going on the road and pretending to fight, now with the UFC he can/could stay at home the vast majority of the time and fight for real. There’s no similarity to them on Brock’s end other than the promo work, and it takes someone like Zach Arnold who combines a regular lack of comprehension of his topic with an obsession with Japan (and thus Brock’s time with New Japan Pro Wrestling, which is a whole ‘nother story) to see one.

2. The idea that UFC has “put all their eggs in one basket” with Brock. Does no one understand the meaning of this phrase anymore? It implies trusting the safety of an entire enterprise to one component. To substantiate its use here, you would have to give examples of how UFC has passed up other important promotional opportunities because of the presence of Brock, and the closest the article does to that is to note that UFC didn’t sign Fedor. And yet, by all accounts they made him an offer consistent with him being either the highest or among the highest paid athletes under contract with Zuffa, and offer which was met with a counter-offer (50-50 co-promotion) which UFC would and will never accept under any circumstances, with or without the existence or availability of Brock. It’s a complete logical non-sequitur.

I mean, seriously now: I understand the myriad reasons why people may hate the guy, but it seems like 90% of the internet fan reaction to word of his illness have been idiot claims that diverticulitis is steroid-related (nicely shot down by MMA Junkie this week) or else complete worthless articles like this one. The man’s looking at potentially years on the sideline and a possible end to his competitive career due to major surgery which will remove a large chunk of his intestines, and they think he’s malingering? Do they think he won national wrestling championships and the UFC heavyweight title by accident, going at it half-assed?

I recognize this is nut-picking to an extent, but it is emblematic of the level of stupidity out there none the less, I think.

January 8, 2010 - Posted by | MMA

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