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Long Talk From A Small Man

“He’s just a guy who’s so stubborn, such a control freak and wants to make an example of this kid (Robinson). It’s not fair to him.”

Stackhouse on Dan Tony

It amazes me that this man gets taken seriously and quoted, as if he’s an authority on anything happening in New York. He was a failure as a top-3 draft pick, a failure as a star, a failure as the best player on the 76ers and then the Pistons, and long ago settled down into a role as an overpaid and mouthy has-been role player which it appears he’s not now qualified for anymore. Take a look at his career stats; what story do we see there? He came into the league as a mediocre shooter from 2 and 3 and has remained so for all 14 years of his career, relying on free throws (and star calls) to create any value whatsoever. He used to be a turnover machine, and has reduced that aspect of his game only as he’s reduced his willingness or ability to do much at all. He’s never played defense, at first because he couldn’t be bothered and later because he just plain couldn’t. He’s unemployed this year at age 35 (an amazing feat for a relatively able-bodied former top-3 draft pick) and obviously bitter at the Knicks for their failure to remedy that situation, but who could blame them when he put up a -6.62 Adj. +/- last year for a good Dallas team? Surely this is a man who should be taken seriously as a critic of a coach’s decisions, a player who seemingly went out of his way over the course of his career to not improve his game one whit over more than a decade. Fun addendum: check out his wikipedia for more quotes of him bitching and complaining about Byron Scott and calling him a passenger on those Lakers teams, and wanting to “kick his ass”. Jerry Stackhouse’s NBA career has been like a 15 year seminar on the theme of just not fucking getting it.

Nate Robinson is my favorite current player. I’m not thrilled to see him being forced out of New York, and when he goes (as he will), I’ll miss him; but there’s a reason why things like this happen to him, there’s a reason why things like not being offered a contract happen to guys like Jerry Stackhouse, and there’s a reason why when Mike D’antoni was a free agent there was a bidding war for his services, and the team which won that war is looking a good bit better off these days than the team which lost despite starting from much farther back. The Knicks right now are still in the draining-the-swamp stage of rebuilding from the Isiah years, and while I think there’s a lot of good teams where Nate could and will be a contributor the Knicks right now aren’t one of them. There aren’t the veteran stars to rein him in, the cadre of excellent defenders to make up for his failings, the tradition of winning in the recent past which might serve to curb some of his more individualistic and reckless urges. I don’t think signing him for this year was a mistake considering the nature of the contract and the need to field a competitive team in the near term for a variety of reasons, but he’s not an essential piece either this year or in the long term. If he wants out, let him go; and hope he gets it eventually, lest he end up like Jerry (or Stephon).


December 23, 2009 - Posted by | The NY Knicks

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