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Carwin, Mir, interim title, Newark

Put this on a card with GSP vs. Hardy and Thiago Alves vs. Ricardo Almeida, and that’s a hell of a make-up for Bisping vs. Evans last time they were in town. I was going to go to this anyway, obviously, but a card like this is enough to get me deeply excited. Mir vs. Carwin is about as good a heavyweight match as the UFC can put on with Lesnar out, and while I’d rather see them do the 4 man tournament with Nog and Velasquez if they’re going to crown an interim champ, that’s basically an academic distinction if the winner of this faces the winner of that fight as a “defense” if Lesnar is still out at that point. I love this fight, and assuming the fact that it’s in Newark doesn’t kill the show (which it may), the atmosphere for this one should be incredible especially if they put it on before the GSP fight which will likely burn out the crowd.

Man. If this pans out, I’ll have arguably seen the top 3 P4P fighters in the world (Penn, GSP, Andy Silva) in my first two live MMA experiences. Not too shabby.


December 16, 2009 - Posted by | MMA

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