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Vinny Del Negro asks to be fired

It’s always fun to see these kinds of quotes come from a coach on the way out of his first job; you wonder how they would have responded to this line of argument if presented with it in the interview which got them the job in the first place. “Have faith, I’ll figure it out”?

More obviously germane is the fact that the biggest criticism of VDN isn’t coming from sportswriters, it isn’t coming from fans, it’s not even coming from his own team- it’s coming from the performance of the team which he’s been tasked with leading to success. The Bulls are 27th in offensive efficiency, 20th in defensive, they’re 7-13 and in next to last place in their division (11th in the conference), and despite being 22nd in the league in pace they’re still 18th in turnover rate. In short, even taking their sweet time on offense they’re still fucking up all over the place despite having spent last year’s #1 overall pick on a point guard, and being coached by a former combo guard. If it wasn’t for their strong offensive rebounding (7th in the league), a stat which has little to do with coaching, they’d be even worse. This team is broken. Given that VDN isn’t the first coach this group has run out of town by quitting on him it’s not fair to blame him for everything, but it’s also hard to see, objectively, what’s going right for the team this year on his watch.

But, you know, you have to be an NBA head coach to see that.


December 11, 2009 - Posted by | Other NBA

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