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God knows if it’ll turn into anything but you’ve first got Arsene Wenger admitting for the first time I can recall publicly that the injury problems at Arsenal are more than bad luck, followed by Cesc Fabregas saying that Arsenal need to diversify their attack and find “a different kind of option” (let’s ignore the craziness about Chelsea being “an average team”). What sticks out about these two quotes back to back, from the two most powerful and important men as it relates to Arsenal’s on-field play, is that they are essentially saying the same things that their supposedly most harmful and negative critics among the fanbase have been saying for quite a while. It’s a nice bit of validation, I won’t lie; more importantly, it potentially represents an opportunity for change and progress, a chance to begin addressing the three killer on-pitch issues which above all hobble this club year to year: incessant injuries, lack of offensive diversification, and an inability or unwillingness to organize a proper, well-drilled back four. Cesc’s comments make me despair for the chances of improvement of the 3rd of those, but the first two are finally on the table as real issues at the club in the opinion of power-brokers. More than any one good performance that gives me hope this season, because it represents the chance that next season won’t be like last season and the three before that.


December 7, 2009 - Posted by | The Arsenal

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