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All in all, a frustrating evening. I wanted to come here and write something about what an amazing fight Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez put on, but the first half of it was ruined by Max Kellerman’s commentary and the whole was hurt badly by yet another atrocious judging performance. It was a competitive fight with several legitimate cards possible; 119-110 Williams was not one of them. Another week, another boxing “controversy”, which is a euphemism for either thorough incompetence or gross corruption.

I’d like to be saying something good here about what a star Jon Jones looked like, but his win had the luster taken off of it first by Matt Hamill injuring his shoulder during the fight, and then by the fact that Jones did enough to earn 2 or 3 KO victories which he was denied by refereeing incompetence, only to be disqualified by the worst referee in the sport for having a single elbow stray a few degrees off target. Thus we were treated to the spectacle of a “winner” bleeding from 2 or 3 cuts on his face, unable to rise on his own after the fight and all but carried out of the ring by his cornermen, and a “loser” who landed every significant blow of the fight, looked dramatically superior in every phase of the game, and did more than enough to win only to be denied for no defensible reason by a man who everyone knows is worthless at his job and yet receives an endless run of assignments due to pure bureaucratic inertia. Lovely

Hell, I’d even like to say something here about what a barnburner the Kimbo fight was, except that in reality Houston Alexander spent most of the first round doing a Kalib Starnes and the other two rounds looked like two drunk guys in a small town going at it in the bar parking lot. Entertaining yes, but it doesn’t bear much dwelling on.

So here’s to Roy Nelson, whose big-belly’d KO of Brendan Schaub all but saved the night. It’s December; we may as well start celebrating a man who shakes like a bowl full of jelly even if it is a bit early. If there was any fight I came away from tonight wanting to see it was probably a mixed rules match between him and Chris Arreola.

EDIT: Let us also celebrate the guy on the MMA Junkie thread who described Kimbo vs. Alexander with the lyrics to “Circles” by Soul Coughing. Unexpected reference win. Better still considering it took place in the context of a thread which holds that Steve Mazzagatti is the best ref in the sport and Brock Lesnar was the first pro wrestler in MMA. Where do they FIND these people?


December 6, 2009 - Posted by | Boxing, MMA


  1. The only problem I had was that atrocious score card of 119 – 110. I personally had the fight going to Martinez so the other cards being that close, and the overall fight being that close I had no problem with someone leaning towards Williams.

    That being said (curb your enthusiasm), you can’t tell me that Martinez didn’t win more than one round past the 1st. You need to have your head examined.

    Benoit Roussel last week, Pierre Benoist this week. It’s been the trend that the French go against the grain. I know that primetime has a special place in his heart for the French Canadians, but I say send them packing!

    Comment by KenOnBass | December 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. And on the MMA side, in a fight that should have been stopped about 10 punches earlier, Mazzagatti has put the only blemish on the record of who I consider to be the future of the LHW division. Jones solidly handled Hamill beating him so badly, that he felt bad about it afterward.

    Hamill did not deserve the beating he took. Making it even worse, Hamill suffered that shoulder injury and was unable to fight back. Proof to everyone watching that when all of us, including Jones, were collectively thinking, why the fuck isn’t he stopping this, it should have actually been stopped.

    Comment by KenOnBass | December 6, 2009 | Reply

  3. Okay, uno mas. I have to bring this up because I had no one to talk to about the fights yet, I was so glad that Kimbo won that fight. Not that I really care to see either of those fighters again. I can’t believe Houston ran away that whole first round.

    Kimbo is just an ignorant fighter, who had no clue how to cut off the cage. Very annoying but I can’t believe that Houston wouldn’t go in and bang. Which made it even better that after every exchange it seemed like Alexander’s eyes were rolled back in his head. I’m sure if Kimbo had any sense of how to pounce on someone, he could have ended it.

    As sad as it is, everyone is waiting to see Kimbo fail, but the fact of the matter is, he puts asses in front of that tv every time he fights. So overall that to me is good for the sport.

    Comment by KenOnBass | December 6, 2009 | Reply

  4. For me, the biggest problem that I had with the Williams-Martinez fights was (and this happens quite often) Lapley almost rooting for Martinez. Listen, I had the fight 115-113 for Williams, and I would very literally have no problem with 114-114; or Martinez 115-113…or even Williams 116-112 or Martinez 116-112. It was just that kind of fight with SO MANY close rounds. I will tend to go with the fighter making the fight than the counter puncher, but I have no problem with Martinez and he landed some massive shots…GREAT FIGHT. (I literally laughed my ass off when 119-110 was announced. I hope that judge gets AIDS and dies.)

    But Lampley falls in love with a fighter and will only point out the punches that the fighter that he is in love with is landing (Mosley-DLH II, anybody?) He forgets that he is a commentator, but he is not the unofficial judge, that’s Lederman. Just call the fucking fight without your fucking biases. I am a fan; Lampley is a pro…he’s not supposed to act like a fucking fan.

    Also, I better never be forced to see Houston Alexander in a UFC again…that was inexcusable. Actually, I hope that the judge that had it 119-110 fucks Houston Alexander in the ass without wearing a condom. That’s just how I feel.

    Comment by Tony M. | December 8, 2009 | Reply

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