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“One of boxing’s most egregious problems has long been having two stars fight separate and less-than-quality opponents on the same night to set up a fight between them at some point down the road.”

Kevin Iole

Yes. Clearly, one of the MOST egregious problems, this is. Worse than awful and sometimes corrupt judging like we saw last weekend in Ali Funeka vs. Joan Guzman, worse than sanctioning bodies creating 3 or more titles in each weight class- plus there being 4 sanctioning bodies in the first place- worse than fighters being fucked over by promoters, worse than the inevitable long-term brain damage suffered by many fighters, worse than the difficulties the sport has making new stars, worse than the ongoing decaying abomination that is amateur boxing worldwide and in the US in particular, worse than the tendency of some star fighters to dodge serious challenges as long as possible, worse than the lack of mainstream TV exposure, worse than the ludicrously poor heavyweight division (bar the Klitschkos), worse than the ongoing plague of comically inept mandatory challengers, worse than the other 10 or 20 things I could come up with if I were giving this more than a minute’s thought- tune up fights. That’s what he’s got. Tune up fights.

Kevin Iole is one of the 2 or 3 most well-known and publicly recognized boxing media members, and he’s completely fucking awful. You can almost make the argument that HE’S a bigger problem for boxing than tune up fights are. I have no idea why Yahoo persists with this man.

December 2, 2009 - Posted by | Boxing


  1. Iole has yet again shown that he has no understanding of the boxing business (remember, he was staunchly against PacMan-DLH). Let’s see, we can either a) just shove RJJ and BHop into a fight an maybe there will be some nostalgic fans that will want to see it, or b) put the fight at risk, BUT, if they both look good, it builds some mainstream interest, especially with the fight on VS. What a complete dipshit he is.

    Comment by Tony | December 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. Agreed. The most egregious problem for boxing is that Kevin Iole is one of the main writers for the sport.

    UFC uses him as a puppet to “leak” out information that makes them look good. Find his articles by clicking on the UFC tab.

    He is a waste of space and it’s an absolute travesty that all the yahoo users will see his articles on the main page from time to time.

    Comment by kenonbass | December 3, 2009 | Reply

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